Researchers at the University of Virginia School of Medicine have shed light on how cancers hijack the body’s natural wound-healing response to grow and spread.
What if doctors had a remote control that they could use to steer a patient's own cells to a wound to speed up the healing process?
For decades, articles in research journals and the popular press alike have reported that being a family caregiver takes a toll on a person’s health, boosting levels of inflammation and weakening the function of the immune system.
Negative pressure wound therapy has been used in hospitals for over 20 years; over 100 studies have been completed. However, conclusions on benefit and harm are in part uncertain because study initiators are withholding results.
AVITA Medical, a global regenerative medicine company, announced that interim results describing clinical outcomes for pediatric patients treated using the RECELL System were presented at the American Burn Association 51st Annual Meeting in Las Vegas by Jeffrey Carter, MD, FACS University Medical Center New Orleans Burn Center and LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine.
New research led by scientists at Newcastle University, UK reveals a potential revolutionary way to treat eye injuries and prevent blindness - by softening the tissue hosting the stem cells which then helps repair wounds, inside the body.
A team led by Feng Zhao, associate professor of biomedical engineering at Michigan Technological University, recently published two new papers on best practices in engineering prevascularized tissues.
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Woman who does not feel pain

A woman has been identified by doctors to be able to withstand pain. Surgeons were surprised to encounter her when they noticed that she made a completely painless recovery after a surgery.