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Tradeshow Talks with Keneric Healthcare

Tradeshow Talks with Keneric Healthcare at Health GB 2018.
May 7, 2018
Tradeshow Talks with Keneric
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Tell us about the company and why you are attending Health GB 2018.

We design a range of products that stimulate wound healing and repair. In particular, we are here to promote our RTD wound dressing which is aimed at patients with ulcers and those with medium to heavy exudating wounds. We have just launched this product and it is our first time showing it to a UK audience. This is why we are at Health GB today.

How does the product work?

The RTD wound dressing has three major components; silver ions, methylene blue and a non-ionic surfactant. When applied to the skin, the surfactant reacts with the methylene blue to create single oxygen molecules which kill off microorganisms in the wound bed.

In addition, the foam that the dressing is made out of works like a suction dressing. This is a very good option to improve wound pressure and is much cheaper than alternatives on the market.

How does this product differ from other wound dressings?

It's the only one that has triple activity. It has silver ions, methylene blue and gentian violet but also has this non-ionic surfactant that allows for very fast absorption and helps the wound to heal quicker. We’ve tested our product on wounds that simply would not heal, even some that are like fifty-years old and just haven’t closed. We applied the RTD dressing and they closed.

Oral antibiotics are very limited these days, and their effectivity is far lower than it was 30 years ago, so we’ve really got to go for topical antibiotics. The trouble with this is that most topical antibiotics inhibit tissue growth, so they slow down the healing process. The foam technology in the RTD wound dressing allows the oxygen to circulate and the tissue to heal.

As a company we say we that we micro manage the wound bed and the wound bed will heal itself. I work in Malaysia and Southeast Asia and we have a lot of diabetic patients over there and they've had decades with wounds and then we come along and heal them. It changes their life and the whole family gets the benefits. It's quite miraculous.

Who are you hoping to connect with at this year’s event?

Wound care specialists or new companies that we can collaborate with.

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